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Rubber Mulch, Landscaping & Surfacing Materials

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Pricing Information:

Passenger/Light Truck (Off Rim) – $1.50
Passenger/Light Truck (On The Rim) – $5.00
Semi Tire (Off Rim) – $4.00
Skid Steer (Off Rim) – $5.00
**We do not accept semi or tractor tires on the rim**

Scrap Tire Drop Off

Our facility is open to the public. If you have one tire or 1,000 tires to dispose of, we can accommodate your needs.

Clean Up Contractor

Front Range Tire Recycle also offers site cleanup services. With our large fleet of trucks and mobile shredding operations, we can offer several clean up options for your site.

Scrap Tire Collections

With 25 years of experience and over 20 million scrap tires recycled, Front Range Tire Recycle can handle all of your scrap tire collection needs. We have the ability to handle any size job or location. With our own fleet of trucks, we are able to provide a timely, reliable, and affordable collection service that allows you to focus on your business and customers. We are a registered waste tire hauler through the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. When you choose to have your scrap tires collected and processed by Front Range Tire Recycle, you can feel good about helping Colorado’s environment, and not just adding to a tire stockpile.

Scrap Tire Consulting Services

Front Range Tire recycle has been in the scrap tire recycling industry for over 25 years. Our business has grown and thrived on the ability to educate ourselves and our customers on industry standards and trends. We are very active on the legislative and regulation front, working to create standards that allow private business to prosper while keeping environmental standards a priority. If you are a tire retailer, a school, an engineering firm, or anyone interested in the process of tire recycling, we can offer consulting services and educational presentations on the scrap tire recycling industry.

Tire Shreds

Tire shreds are the finished product after a whole scrap tire has been run through a low torque double shaft shear shredder. We have 2 sizes of tire shreds available. The most common size tire shred is a 2” nominal. We also have the ability to produce a 1 ½” minus tire shred. All of our tire shreds are screened to assure a consistent size of product. Both of our tire shred sizes meet or exceed the American Standards for Testing Materials and have a designation number of ASTM 6270. Tire shreds are a lightweight material, and a lightweight material equals significant savings in freight costs compared to heavier traditional materials. There are a wide array of uses for tire shreds, ranging from alternative fuels, replacement for aggregates, drainage material, insulation, and lightweight fill.

Tire Bales

Tire bales are a solid compressed block of scrap waste tires. Each tire bale is made up of 89-110 passenger and light truck tires. One tire bale weighs 2,000 lbs., or one ton. The dimensions of the tire bales are: 60” long, 50” wide, and 30” tall. There are five 9-gauge steel wires that hold the tire bale together. Each tire bale can sustain 375,000 lbs of pressure before any failure will occur.

Tractor Tires

Tractor tires have many uses long after their lives as a tires. Tractor tires work great for the following applications:

  • Fitness Training
  • Sandboxes
  • Feeders
Front Runner Rubber Mulch

Front Range Tire Recycling now operates the largest rubber mulch facility in Colorado, producing an environmentally solution for landscaping, playground surfacing, or equestrian arena surfacing. Learn more here.

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